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  • 06.08.98 -- Version 2.0
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    GxPS is a set of programs for the HP 48G series calculators for exchanging various data with Garmin GPS receivers.

    GxPS performs the following functions:

    • Upload/download waypoints.  On the HP, the waypoints are presented in an easily viewable/editable format.  Icons are supported to some degree (numbers, but not graphics).  Look here for a comprehensive list of supported models.
    • Upload/download routes.  Supported models
    • Upload/download track logs in viewable or compact formats.  Supported models
    • Query GPS for current position, altitude, speed, time/date, or version information.
    • Sync the HP's clock with the GPS's.
    • Turn GPS off.
    • Works with Garmin and NMEA-0183 protocols.
    GxPS provides a versatile facility for getting NMEA data packets, individual sentences, and specific parts of sentences, and is intended for use in applications such as track loggers, flight computers and such.
    Also, GxPS contains a fairly comprehensive implementation of the Garmin basic link protocol with send/receive commands that handle ACK/NAK, DLE stuffing, checksum, and retry. 

    What you need

    If you have any suggestions or bug reports, please send them to me.