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    GxPS screen shot GxPS v2.0

    A collection of programs to exchange data between an HP48 and a Garmin GPS.  GxPS supports:

    • Upload/download of waypoints, routes, and tracks.  For many GPS models, these data are presented in an easily viewable format.
    • Querying GPS for position, altitude, speed, time, and version information.
    • Integrated NMEA48 1.1.

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    NMEA48 screen shot NMEA48 v1.1

    A library of programs to handle NMEA-0183 output from a variety of devices (GPSs, depth sounders, Lorans, etc.) on the HP48.  Some of the commands provide a versatile facility for getting NMEA data packets, individual sentences, and specific parts of sentences, and are intended for use in applications such as track loggers, flight computers and such.  Additional commands are provided to return position, altitude, time, and speed.

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    Dina screen shot Dina

    This is a simple program I wrote to quiz children on the four basic math operations (+, -, *, /).  It keeps track of your score, and when you quit, displays a randomly selected message based on this grade.  The size of the numbers generated for the problems is configurable.

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