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    • PCW is working on a new program, GarMon, which plots waypoints and tracks on the 48, transfers almanacs and several other things.   Right now in only works for the II+, but support for other Garmins will probably be added in the next release.
    • Arnold Moy has written several GPS/geography programs including an experimental moving map program (but only a description and screen shot of this are available).
    • The geography section of the HP48 Archive has a few interesting programs.
    • UTM v1.0 is a program by Luis Colorado to convert between many different datums.
    • Search Deja News for related usenet posts.
    • Flight and travel computers.   They are old and written in user RPL, but might provide a few ideas for someone wanting to write new, GPS-enabled programs.
    • An old satellite tracking program.  Given some parameters, it will plot the orbit of a satellite over some period of time.  It's not specifically for the NAVSTAR satellites, but I thought I'd mention it anyway.

    General HP 48 Resources

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